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Port Pilates

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Port Pilates - Reformer Tower

Port Pilates - Reformer Tower


Port Pilates - First class Pilates equipment - 3 year guarantee *

The Reformer Tower offers smooth movement with excellent adjustment options, but also saves space thanks to its special design.

Size: 240 x 70 x 200 cm (l x w x h)

Thanks to the numerous spring adjustment options for belts, push rod and unwinding rod, the functions of the reformer and tower are expanded even further.

Reformer Tower

  • use asReformer, Reformer Tower and Mattress
  • Push-through bar function
  • Specially produced 8 wheels and bearings on the carrier for a smooth and comfortable ride
  • Durable and high quality aluminum rails
  • Sleigh and mattress
  • Springs made of special steel windings with different resistances for each color
  • There are a total of 13 springs, 5 in the beam and 8 in the tower
  • Adjustable roles
  • Adjustable head, shoulder and foot sections
  • 3 gear options for each spring
  • Box and jump board are included
  • 3 year guarantee *

The timbers were cut using CNC technology. This gives you a robust and aesthetic material.

So that the wood is not damaged, we use glue and wooden wedges instead of iron screws to connect.

Wooden accessories are made from beech wood.

Carrier tubes are made of 2 mm 100% chrome material, which guarantees a longer service life and a higher weight load.

All materials, from the smallest materials used to the steel bolts of the wheels under the carrier, have been manufactured and used as a result of detailed research and development studies.

Can be used by people up to 300kg.

* 3 year guarantee excluding leather

"Quality and Healthy Life"

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